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Focar tip centrala DEFRO RIVA LA G SHORT 26kW

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DEFRO premium fireplace – central type

The hearths for fireplaces produced by Defro are made of 4-6mm steel, they use the latest combustion technology and develop the phenomenon of post-combustion and clean burning. They are lined on the inside with the latest generation chamotte (in two colors: yellow / black).

The Defro RIVA series of fireplaces offers, in addition to the function of a classic fireplace, the function of thermal agent heating, thus functioning as a wood-fired heating plant.

These central hearths are adapted for complete, intensive combustions, thus offering a high yield.

Technical specifications:

Energy class: A
Power: 8.8 – 26.4 kw
Nominal power: 22 kW Door
size: 916 X 428 mm
Average efficiency = 80.1%
Maximum efficiency = 90%
Wood length = 70 cm
Door function: open vertically Fire
exhaust = 200 mm
Fresh air intake : Yes
Exhaust gas temperature: 289°C
Co emissions : 0.1 %
Weight approx.: 459 kg
Double combustion
Clean burning
Warranty 5 years.

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26 kW

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